Project Description

An optical linear position detection sensor (linear scale for short)

is a measurement feedback device that uses the optical principle of the grating to work. The linear scale is often used in closed-loop servo systems of CNC machines for linear position detection measurement. Its measurement output is a digital pulse signal, with a large detection range, high detection accuracy, and fast response time.

Optical linear scale WTA(T)  differential signals Series

Accuracy: 0.0005mm, 0.001mm, 0.005mm

output signal: TTL 5V or RS422 differential signals A, A not, B, B Not and R, R Not, With reference point(RI)

Available length(mm): 50-1000mm

Resolution: 0.5\1\5 μm(micron)

RI: every 50mm

Work speed: 60m/min

Signal:  4 TTL square wave 0°、90°、180°、270°

Phase error: 90°±15°

Operating temperature: 0℃—40℃

Storage temperature: -20℃—50℃

Signal cable length: 2.5m

Available scales length: a), in every 50mm from 50mm to 1000mm

This model usually used on the feedback CNC machines.

Our scale’s travel length is “L” in the above image, the effective travel length is “L” plus 30mm; the center installing holes distance is “L” plus 132mm; the scales overall length is “L” plus 149mm.

For example, you need scale in 150mm travel length, the center hole distance is 282mm, the overall length is 299mm.

Linear scale applications.

1、All kinds of measuring machines and instruments of linear position detection measurement: spring testing machine, three-axis machine, projector, microscope

2、Digital readout system for all kinds of machine tools: lathe, milling machine, grinder, boring machine, EDM, drilling machine, etc.

3、All kinds of CNC machine tools: CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinding machine, etc.

4、with PLC is used for linear position detection measurement of all kinds of automatic equipment.