Project Description

Metal case 7-inch LCD digital readout(DRO)(WB30)

using a 7-inch real color LCD screen, mechanical keys, large font display, after a power failure to remember the current position wide voltage input range, input voltage AC 90V-240V, all can work normally. Optional RS232 interface, convenient to communicate with computer or PLC, feedback data. LCD digital readout(DRO) can be installed on a variety of machine tools or equipment, such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, spark machines, fine hole discharge machines.

with a grating scale for the machine tool to display measurement positioning.


  1. Voltage: AC 80V–260V ; 50-60HZ
  2. Power: 15W
  3. Displaying: 7” true color LCD screen
  4. Working Temperature: -10 ℃ –60℃
  5. Storage Temperature: -30℃–70℃
  6. Relative Humidity: <90%(25)>
  7. Axis Number: 1 axis,2 axis,3 axis,4 axis,5 axis
  8. Input Signal: 5V TTL/5V RS422
  9. Input signal Frequency: <50MHZ
  10. Resolution (Linear Encoder): 0.1 um, 0.2 um,0.5 um,1 um,2 um,

2.5 um,5 um,10 um,20 um,25 um,50 um,100 um

  1. Highest Resolution(Rotary Encoder): <1000000ppr
  2. Weight: 1.5KGS
  3. Dimension: 295*175*65mm
  4. DB9 Pin diagram

Signal Test Function

This function is for checking the signal of linear scale. Once

the operator connects the linear scale to X or Y port and set the

corresponding parameter, then the oscillogram, duty ratio,

phase difference could be tested.