Project Description

What is a magnetic scale?

The magnetic linear scale is a kind of magnetic linear position detecting sensor. A layer of 10-20 μm magnetic glue is applied to the non-conductive magnetic material, which is mostly nickel-cobalt alloy high conductivity magnetic material and resin phase. The magnetic tape is made of a mixture of the two poles, which has high tensile strength and is not easily deformed. The N and S poles are recorded on the magnetic tape using a magnetic recording head. The electrical signals of equal pitch (often 200 μm or 50 μm) periodic variations are magnetically recorded to the magnetic linear scale. It is used as a reference ruler for measuring position, and the magnetic signal recorded on the magnetic ruler is read out by the magnetic head of the magnetic linear scale when the position is detected, The position is displayed digitally by a detection circuit. The magnetic linear scale for measurement is different from ordinary magnetic tape. The accuracy of equidistant recording of the measuring magnetic linear scale is higher, and recording of the magnetic linear scale is carried out on high-precision dedicated recording equipment. When the relative movement speed between the magnetic linear scale and the scale reading head is very low or in a stationary state, position measurement is also possible, and the measurement is performed only on the magnetic tape. Position-dependent, not speed-dependent.

The magnetic linear scale is usually available as a free-standing unit in various lengths. To install, simply fix the magnetic linear scale to a suitable position on the machine, a fixed, smooth surface, and adjust the magnetic linear scale to the machine. Mount the magnetic linear scale reading head on the part of the machine that needs to measure the direction of movement, adjust the magnetic linear scale reading head to the parallelism of the plane. After adjusting the parallelism with the magnetic linear scale, and then connect it with the matching digital readout(DRO), you can finish the machine position measurement at work.

Features of the magnetic scale.

1, High precision.

The highest resolution of 0.001mm, high precision and fast sensing speed, can adapt to various machine tools and their equipment position measurement requirements.

The signal output frequency is proportional to the speed of movement.

2, long life.

The gap between the magnetic linear scale sensor and the magnetic linear scale is up to 10mm, magnetic inductance works on the principle that there is no physical wear and tear, which greatly increases the magnetic linear scale’s working life.

3, Low requirements.

Low requirements for the installation environment. Dust, vibration, humidity, temperature, and other factors have a very low influence on the magnetic linear scale; strong anti-interference ability can work underwater, oil, dirt, and other characteristics.

4, large measuring range.

The general measuring range of the optical linear scale is 0—2 meters, which has obvious advantages in cost performance. However, due to the production process of the optical linear scale, if the measuring length exceeds 3 meters, the manufacturing requirements are high (two glass scales should be beveled at 45°). (Butted to increase length, limited space for glass ruler chrome plating machine), can be very expensive. In the same case, the magnetic linear scale has high demands on the working environment.

The measuring range of the magnetic linear scale is up to 30 meters. Applications in large metal cutting machines such as large boring and milling machines, underwater measurement, wood and stone processing machines, sheet metal rolling machines, etc. There are clear advantages in this regard.

Magnetic linear scale specification:

Aluminum size: 11.9*27.9mm

Magnetic strip size: 1.5*10mm

Protective steel size small: 0.3*10mm

Protective steel size small: 0.1*23mm

Resolution: 5µm

working voltage: 5-30V DC

Output signal: A/B/Z or A, A-, B, B-, Z, Z-

Accuracy: ±50µm/m

Repaet precision: Max ±5µm/m(single direction)

Installing gap: Max 2.5mm

Moving speed: Max 25m/s

Output voltage: Max. 30mA

Working condition: ­20℃\+85℃

Ingress Protection: IP68(IEC60529:2001)