Project Description

DC3000 digital readout(DRO)

The system is generally used on a profile projector. DC-3000 is specially designed for digital measuring system and video measuring system. It’s highly efficient in two dimensional data processing, this digital readout system is widely used in profile projector, instrument microscope, video measurement system and other measuring instruments.

DC3000 DRO Specification.

Input voltage range: 85V~250V
Maximum power Consume: 15W
Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~40℃
Relative humidity: 10mA
Raster resolution Installation(resolution:0.1μm、0.2μm、0.5μm、1μm、2μm、5μm,etc.)
RS232: 9PD, <-5V(‘1’0,>+5V(‘0’)
Printer interface: 9PD
Edge seek interface: TTL or isolated current impulse Footswitch interface: short circuit contact
Micro printer: (choice)

DC3000 DRO main function

1. Inch / mm mode. Can swift to either one by one click
2. Sleep mode: Can set the screen saver time
3. Center 1/2
4. Calculator
5. Print function
7. Various coordinate displaying patterns: polar coordinate, Cartesian coordinate, INS coordinate, ABS coordinate
8. Measure point characteristics
9. Measure characteristics lines
10. Measurement of circle characteristics
11. Measurement of distance
12. Measurement of angle
13. RS232 communication function
14. SW function


1. Coordinate Measuring Machine
2. Motion control
3. Position monitoring
4. Measurement Coordinates
5. XY desktop monitor
6. Mechanical control
7. Another area of the linear scale and rotary encoder