Why machinery should be upgraded with linear scales and digital readout(DRO)?

A, The advantages of linear scales and digital readout(DRO) transformation:

1, The total investment of the machine tool linear scales and digital readout(DRO) transformation is very small, and it is highly adaptable to the old machine tool.

2, The linear scales and digital readout(DRO) transformation has the function of attaching machine, which can be loaded and unloaded at any time, and is common with other machine tools.

DRO system on grinding machine

3, The linear scales and digital readout(DRO) is easy to transform and install, and the commissioning and installation are simple and easy to maintain

4, The resolution of the linear scale is high, which can be accurate to 1 μm (0.001mm), which is an order of magnitude higher than other digital display devices accurate to Kumi (0.01mm).

linear scale dro on lathe machine

5, Effectively solve the problem that the machine tool cannot be used due to machine tool gaps and wear.

6, The precision of the machined parts of the equipment is high, and the size dispersion is small, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers and saves labor.

7, Improve mechanical performance, improve the automation level and production efficiency of production equipment.

linear scales for milling machine

Significance of linear scale and digital readout(DRO) transformation.

  1. Restore the original function, diagnose and restore the faulty parts of the machine tool and production line.
  2. Updated NC by installing the linear scale and digital readout device on the ordinary machine tool, or install the numerical control system, transform the NC machine tool and CNC machine tool.
dro system for grinding machines

3. Refurbishment improves precision efficiency and automation, digital display transformation of mechanical and electrical parts, re-assembly and processing of mechanical parts to restore accuracy; the CNC system that does not meet the production requirements is updated and updated with the latest CNC.
4. Technological update Technical innovation, in order to improve the performance or production efficiency of the machine; in order to adapt to the requirements of the new process and new technology, carry out the corresponding transformation on the original basis.

digital readout dro on milling machine
linear scale on grinding machine