digital readout dro for lathe

Lathe DRO Set

LED and LCD DROs for different models of lathe machines

digital readout dro for milling machines

Milling DRO Set

2 axes or 3 axes DRO for all brands of milling machines

Digital Readout DRO are standard accessories for Lathe, Milling, Grinder, Band Saw, EDM Machines, and Profile Projector and More

PINRUI DRO System can offer near limitless digital readout and linear scales, DRO both in LED and LCD, and scales in optical and magnetic.
With immediate access to a complete range of modern industrial manufacturing equipment and techniques,
we can produce high-quality, competitively priced products within your deadline.

digital readout dro for grinder machines

Grinder DRO Set

High Resolution Optical Linear scales for grinder machines

digital readout dro for band saw machines

Band Saw DRO Set

High-Quality DRO & scales for Band Saw machines

Manufacturing Made Simple

Great service is at the heart of everything we do, with the goal of making manufacturing easy. From your initial contact with us to the safe delivery of your requested products, we take care of your project. Always providing you with fast lead times, great quality, and outstanding value.

We remove friction from the supply chain by becoming your supplying support team and producing parts using our highly integrated, extremely capable trading partners. We’re proud to offer DRO System and other products such as calipers, high precision instrument gauges, and much more to our clients situated in the machinery industry. Click the button below to discover more about what we offer.

digital readout dro
digital readout dro manufacturer

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digital readout dro system

Affordable Pricing

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Vast Flexibility

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Fast Turnaround

Trusted Among Multiple Industries

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FAQs About PINRUI Digital Readout DRO System

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